Passive Voice

For example sentences:

1. I write this letter for you (Active)
This letter be written for you (Passive)

2. I take that book (Active)
That book is taken by me (Passive)

3. I help my father (Active)
My Father is helped by me (Passive)

4. He borrows the book every Sunday (Active)
The book is borrowed by him every Sunday (Passive)

5. Mery’s father promised her a prize (Active)
Mery was promised a prize by her father (Passive)

6. Anna is writing the letters (Active)
The letters are being written by Anna (Pasive)

7. Miss Lia is teaching the students (Active)
The students are being taught by Miss Lia (Pasive)

8. I was doing the homework when I came (Active)
The homework was being done by him when I came (Passive)

9. My Father was painting the wall (Active)
The wall was being painting by my father (Passive)

10. Somebody has dropped a wallet on the road (Active)
A wallet has been dropped by somebody on the road (Passive)


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